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Welcome to Dataships! The following instructions will allow you to set up your company’s data access gateway.

The widget and control panel work together to automate the facilitation of your data subjects’ Rights under GDPR and CCPA.

The control panel is used by the company to bring all your sources of data together in one place. This is accessible only to those within your company.

Your data subjects can then access their individual personal data through the widget which sits on the company’s website. They are only able to see their individual data that the company holds on them.

Getting Started

The Dataships widget is available in various forms and you have the ability to customize it.

If your website DOES NOT have a signup/login area for your customers/users, follow the steps below:

  1. Insert your website URL on the Company Profile tab of the Data Access Gateway page and click Save.
  2. Customize the widget and generate your code automatically in the Customize Widget tab of Data Access Gateway page.
  3. Copy the code generated and insert it into your web-page.

If your website has a signup/login area for your customers/users, Please Contact us regarding for Single Sign On (SSO).


Product Detail

The Control panel allows you to:

  • Define the data you wish to collect from your customers or users in the Data Access Gateway.
  • Upload existing Customer Data to the database.
  • Integrate your existing data sources.
  • Manage, organize, change and export your customer's data.


We will keep this section updated with the latest features that are included in the control panel. The changelog is a list of the new additions and backwards-incompatible updates.

July 27 2019

  • The new control panel has been updated with the modern design and has been made mobile responsive.


Product Detail

The data access gateway allows your data subjects to exercise their rights under GDPR/CCPA. They can:

  • Sign up to your website.
  • Login to view the data you currently hold on them.
  • View and change the data they wish to share with you.
  • Provide consent to data collection and management defined by you or withhold consent from them.
  • View any historical data you have maintained with their account.
  • View and Download any documents you have uploaded to their account.
  • Download their data.
  • Request to be deleted from your database subject to your confirmation within a 30 day period.


We will keep this section updated with the latest features that are included in the data access gateway. The changelog is a list of the new additions and backwards-incompatible updates.

July 29 2019

  • The new widget (version 2) has been released which support integrations with third-party applications.
  • The widget can be embedded on any website as before.
  • The widget can also exist as a standalone product and you do not need to own a website to have the widget. Contact sales for more support.

July 30 2019

  • The widget (version 1) has been released which allow customers to view, modify and update their personal data.
  • The widget can be embedded on any website.


We are working continously to improve our product and services. The version of the product willbe updated if major technical changes are required. In this instance, Dataships’ account holders may need to update the script tag for viewing the latest changes. However, new versions are not introduced frequently and most of the time, new features will be automatically reflected in our products.

Version 1:

This is the latest version of the widget which is based on the Restful APIs and can be used for multiple products that Dataships offer. The documentation for this version is regularly being updated.

Unlimited Support

We provide unlimited support for ad-hoc questions and requests.

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